Assisting Justice Through Science

Civil Counsel

“… very useful in assisting us with respect to an accidental death policy … alcohol level … Dr. Corbett is extremely helpful, very co-operative and certainly extremely well qualified.”

“… the result in the case was quite extraordinary. … thank you … your very considerable contribution.”

“… a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional. … outstanding and dedicated …”

Criminal – Defence Counsel

“… thank you for the excellent quality of your testimony … the Judge emphasized the reliability and unique importance of your evidence … The clear and extensive work that you did was of tremendous assistance to all of us, including the Crown and Jury. We all appreciated the candour and the professional and neutral manner of your presentation.”

“… he gave very clear, simple testimony … he stood firm in cross-examination … not to be a paid expert to say whatever is necessary for the side hiring him. … I strongly recommend Dr. Corbett …”

“as a witness in a murder trial … I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the subject matter. … When he gave evidence he was most impressive and credible and displayed no particular bias for one side or the other. … dedication and high level of competence …”

“The Court of Appeal decision … You did first rate work on this case …”

“… very helpful in providing useful information, that helped resolve the matter … was very professional.”

“… found that you were completely unbiased in this matter … thank you for your assistance and candor.”

“… the information you were able to provide made all the difference to my trial preparation and the eventual outcome …”

Criminal – Crown Counsel

“… extremely impressed … as a witness. … not solely your technical expertise … Most impressive about your testimony was your evident level of comfort in front of a jury, and the way you geared your responses to the lay audience. I have had opportunities to call expert witnesses on many occasions prior … never before have I had an expert witness demonstrate such a command of the forum.”

“Dr. Corbett’s testimony was excellent – – it was given in a thorough and professional manner. Most impressive was the fact that he could make specific reference to complex testimony and make it readily understandable for a lay person. … the trial judge specifically commended Dr. Corbett’s testimony and indicated that he accepted it over the defence toxicologist. … I was impressed with both the professionalism and commitment of Dr. Corbett.”

“His evidence was given in a thoroughly professional manner … He provided a significant amount of research material and it was clear that he was thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable on the subject.”

“… a result I could not have attained without the expertise of Dr. Corbett and his remarkable ability to convey a very technical and scientific subject in such understandable language.”

“I was very impressed with how well prepared you were. It was obvious that you had taken time to review the evidence and had considered the issues carefully.”

From the Bench

“… called Doctor Michael Corbett … and he, in no uncertain terms and in great detail, simply exploded this testimony of Doctor …”

“Having considered the expert evidence and notwithstanding Dr. … eminent qualifications, I prefer the evidence of Dr. Corbett. … I also prefer Dr. Corbett’s use of a range of values in approaching the issue …”

“… Dr. Corbett … gave his evidence in a detached manner of a professional or expert witness … I prefer the evidence of Dr. Corbett …”

Criminal – Police

“The investigation relied heavily upon the analysis completed … Dr. M. Corbett … gave overwhelming and undisputed testimony … the outcome was very positive high level of integrity and expertise …“

“… Dr. Corbett was required to give expert testimony and to rebut the testimony of the defence expert. … did an excellent job …”



”… thank you … thoroughness with which you prepared … exceptionally clear testimony …”



“Your ability to deliver “hard science” concepts to a general audience is not only an invaluable talent but a powerful tool in bridging the gap between the scientific, judicial, and lay communities.”

“… speaking to … Criminal Law and Procedure Class … excellent presentation. … successfully conveyed to them, technical and detailed information, in a practical, competent and useful fashion.”



“ I found this course … to be the highest calibre of instruction and value.” [Civil Counsel]

“really enjoyed the courses … has since gone back to school @ UofT to study law …”