Chemical Review Services, Inc.

Dr. Michael R. Corbett, Ph.D.
Forensic Toxicologist
1928 Barsuda Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1V5
Office: 905-916-2929
Fax: 905-916-4949

Assisting Justice Through Science

Toxicology is the science concerning the adverse effects of chemicals (eg. alcohol, drugs,
poisons, toxins, pollutants). Forensic toxicology is the application of toxicology to legal matters.

Dr. Corbett has professionally practiced forensic toxicology:
  • For over 25 years
  • In thousands of cases
  • With expert witness testimony in hundreds of trials
  • Legal Counsel: Criminal, Personal Injury, Insurance, Administrative, Employment, Environmental, Family,
    Drug Control, Health, Health & Safety, Product Liability
  • Organizations: Government, Insurance, Employer/Employee, Medical Assessment Group, University,                      Laboratory Accreditation, Regulator, Court, Chemical-Related Product/Testing
Legal Applications:
  • Criminal: Alcohol and/or Drug(s) and Motor Vehicles (eg. DUI, DWI), Homicide, Sexual Assault,                              Administering Stupefying/Noxious Substances, Fail/“Refuse” Breath Demand
  • Civil: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Property Loss, Employment (Workplace), Death, Environmental
  • Family: Drug Test Applicant, Children’s Aid Society
  • Administrative: Police, Legal Counsel, Physician, Nurse, Occupational Health & Safety, Liquor Control 
  • Provides a leading, reliable, diverse consulting service in forensic toxicology
  • Welcomes novel and/or complex cases
  • Assisting justice through science 
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